Earning trust is a continuous endeavour

We believe there is a better way to help NGOs that serve local communities. Trust is the greatest portal to build lasting relationships amongst local community development stakeholders and to create a milieu where intentions blend. We are passionate about helping NGOs to earn continuous trust towards the local communities they serve, the peers they work with and the donors that support them.


We realised that there is no open platform for communities, donors, NGOs to connect directly, to align their intentions and to build trusted relationships. This often prevents sustainable local community development.

That is why we founded Convergence of Trust in late 2020.

Local communities worldwide have the right, the capacity and the responsibility to take the reins of development in their hands.

Early growth and funding

Within a few months, dozens of conversations and webinars with NGOs across Africa and Asia Pacific, more than 350 see the value behind the idea of Convergence of Trust.

We have started discussions with like-minded foundations and philanthropies and we are actively looking for funding opportunities.

Meet the team